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Mtanzania - (privately-owned, Swahili language), Dar es Salaam

Nipashe - (Independent, Swahili-language), Dar es Salaam

The African - (Independent, privately-owned), Dar es Salaam

The Express - (Privately-owned, business-oriented weekly), Dar es Salaam

The Guardian - (Independent, privately-owned), Dar es Salaam

All Africa Tanzania

Arusha Times

Business Times

Daily News

The Citizen

East African Business Week

Habari Leo

Inside Tanzania

IPP Media

IRIN Tanzania



Relief Web Tanzania

Tanzania Daima

This Day

Daily News - State owned), Dar es Salaam

Sunday News - (Government-owned), Dar es Salaam

Sunday Observer - (Privately-owned weekly), Dar es Salaam

Taifa Letu - (Independent, privately-owned, Swahili-language), Dar es Salaam

Tanzania Daily News - (Independent), Dar es Salaam

Tanzania Standard - (Independent), Dar es Salaam

- Republic of Tanzania, country of East Africa, opened on the Indian Ocean, understanding, besides a continental part, several islands of which main clauses are Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia. Continental Tanzania shares its borders with eight countries: in the northeast Kenya, in the North Uganda, on the West Burundi, Rwanda and the democratic Republic of Congo, in the South Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. Three lakes establish besides natural boundaries: the lake Victoria, separating Tanzania of Uganda!; the lake Tanganyika, shared between Tanzania and the democratic Republic of Congo!; and the lake Malawi. Tanzania covers a total surface of 945 087 km2, 2 634 km2 of which for islands. Dar Salaam was the capital of Tanzania until 1990, Dodoma assumes today this administrative and political function. The republic of Tanzania arose from the union, in 1964 , of Tanganyika, independent since 1962, and island of Zanzibar. It belongs to the Commonwealth.