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- Antigua is a country of the Antilles; its capital is Saint John' S. This State is composed of two principal islands, the island of Antigua, also known in French under the name of Antigue (the old woman) and the island of Barbuda, or Barbude, and of some smaller islands.

Siboney lived Antigua and Barbuda since -2400. Ensuite arrived Arawaks and the Caribbean. Christophe Colomb unloaded there in 1493, at the time of its second voyage. They were initially colonized by the Spaniards and the French, then by the English. In 1674, Sir Christopher Codrington based the first large sugar plantation on the island of Antigua. The only village of Barbuda bore its name. Codrington and the other owners made bring slaves of the West coast of Africa. At the XVIIIe century, English Harbour, on the southern coast of Antigua, sheltered a significant part of the British fleet, under the command, a time, of the Admiral Nelson. This site boxed and hardly visible broad well, was known as being a "hole with cyclone", a sure shelter. Slavery was abolished in 1834, but the former slaves remained still dependent on their former Masters from the economic point of view. In 1981, Antigua-and-Barbuda became independent and entered to the Commonwealth. It adhered on June 18, 1981 to the Organization of the States of Caribbean Eastern (OECO).