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Newspapers :

BBC News Americas

News portal covering Caribbean events. Center for International Policy
Provides alternative coverage of Central America.

Central America Panorama
Online newspaper from Central America in English, German and Spanish. Provides news and comprehensive information on countries.

CTE News
Online news source covering Caribbean events, business, travel, culture, and sports.

Washington Report on the Hemisphere (WRH)
Publication that interprets the entire range of current political, diplomatic, economic, and social issues affecting Latin America and the Caribbean, the U.S. and Canada.

Business News Americas
Daily business news from South America.

Center for International Policy
Provides alternative coverage of South America and the CIA.

Hispanic Magazine
Articles on Latin culture, politics, entertainment and education.

Latinamerica Press
Provides independent news, analysis and information materials.

Latin American Football
News, results, league tables and statistics from all the professional leagues in South America.

Latin American Newsletters
News and analysis on economic, political and social issues in Latin America.

Latin Business Chronicle
Weekly business and economics news site.

News agency concentrating in Mercosur countries which operates from Montevideo, Uruguay, and includes in its area of influence the South Atlantic and insular territories.

Narco News Bulletin
Reports on the drug war and democracy from Latin America.

- America, one of five continents. America has a relatively narrow and lengthened shape; it extends over more than 16 000 km, the North of Greenland in the Cape Horn, near the Antarctic circle. It is limited by the Atlantic Ocean in the East, the Pacific Ocean on the West, the icy ocean Arctic to the North and the Southern ocean in the South. The surface is about 42 millions of km2 for a population of 750 million inhabitants. It is formed by two continents in triangular forms, North America and South America, connected by an isthmus, Central America. Term America appeared for the first time in Cosmographiae Introduction (" Introduction in the cosmography "), published in 1507 by the German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller. The name is diverted from Americus, name Latinized by the navigator Amerigo Vespucci, whose expeditions towards the New World are brought back in this work. Such as it is used by Waldseemüller, term America refers in a specific way to lands discovered by Christophe Colomb, Vespucci and the first explorers of the Antilles and the northwest rib(coast) of the continent the South. The Flemish geographer Gerardus Mercator was the first to use this term to indicate(appoint) all this continent on a card of the world published in 1538.