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البحرين اليوم


وكالة أنباء البحرين

- State of Bahrain, country constituted by thirty three islands close to the oriental rib(coast) of the bay Arabo-Persique. Situated between the peninsula of Qatar and the rib(coast) of Arabia, Bahrain, with a surface of 691 km2 of the lands, is the smallest State of the peninsula arabic. The country carries(wears) the name of the main island of the archipelago (562 km2), which means, in Arabic, two seas ( al-Bahrayn ). Since 1986, this island is connected with a bridge - dike in Saudi Arabia. The other important islands are those of Muharrak and Sitra, each being connected with a bridge in Bahrain. Al-Manama, capital of the State, is a world financial centre. Bahrain, placed under British control from 1861 till 1971, was the first of the countries of the Bay and the peninsula arabic, to exploit oil-fields. If the petroleum always establishes(constitutes) the first source of incomes of the country, the Emirat also knew how to, before his neighbours, diversify its economy