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46 Member States of the Council of Europe

25 Member States of the European Union Germany · Austria · Belgium · Cyprus · Denmark · Spain · Estonia · Finland · France · Greece · Hungary · Ireland · Italy · Latvia · Lithuania · Luxembourg · Malta · Netherlands · Poland · Portugal · the United Kingdom · Slovakia · Slovenia · Czech Sweden · Republic

5 States in talks of adhesion to the European Union Bulgaria · Croatia · Macedonia · Romania · Turkey

4 Member States of the European Free Trade Association Iceland · Swiss Liechtenstein · Norway ·

12 other Member States of the Council of Europe

Albania · Andorra · Arménie · Azerbaïdjan Moldavie · Monaco · Russia · San Marino · Serbia · Ukraine

4 other States not members of the Council of Europe

Bielorussia · Kazakhstan · Montenegro · the Vatican

Brussels Journal
Conservative news site, presenting facts and views that are hard to find in the “consensus-media” of Europe.

Weekly online magazine. Find articles, investigative reports and analysis of the news and main issues in the South Caucasus.

Provides news and information on the macroeconomic situation in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Slovakia.

Deutsche Welle Radio
Germany's international broadcasting station providing daily news and analysis from a European perspective.

DM Europe
Daily news service covering the digital media and internet sectors across Europe.

EU Banking & Finance News Network
Provides the latest information on banking and finance in the European Union.

EU Business
Europe's leading independent online business information service about the European Union. EUobserver
Features the latest EU related news and special reports on Euro, foreign affairs, enlargement, and defence.

News service, with a guide to all legislation in the pipeline, interviews and a bank of regularly updated public affairs positions from NGOs, trade organisations and corporations.

Eurasia Daily Monitor
Surveys recent developments in Eurasia, placing the developments in a geo-strategic perspective and offering analysis that outlines their implications for the West. Published by the Jamestown Foundation.

European portal featuring news monitoring, policy positions, and discussion forums on EU topics.

News in seven languages from European TV.

Online journal devoted to the discussion of European affairs.Each edition includes a commentary on relevant news stories and a "News Briefing" section, which covers major news stories.

Online newspaper reporting on international development and humanitarian actions of European institutions, Governments and NGOs.

European Voice
Weekly magazine from Brussels dedicated entirely to EU affairs.

European Weekly
Covers aspects like politics, business, culture, local events and write about them from perspectives of Europeans living in the Pacific Northwest. The target audience is Europeans in the Northwest and Americans who are interested in Europe.

Links up over 100 cultural journals from all over Europe and publishes contemporary essays and literary texts in a variety of languages.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting
Independent media group providing news and special reports from the Balkans, Caucasus and Central Asia.

New Europe
Weekly featuring European news and analysis.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
International news and broadcast organization serving Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Russia, the Middle East and Balkan countries.

Monitors the state and civil liberties in the European Union.

Transitions Online
Internet magazine providing in-depth coverage of Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the former Soviet Union.

Wall Street Journal Europe

- Europe, one of five continents, situated in the hemisphere the North, bounded in the East by Asia, in the South by the Mediterranean Sea, on the West by the Atlantic Ocean and the sea of Norway, in the North by the ocean the Arctic. Europe, with Asia, is a part of the continental system of Eurasia. By agreement, the geographers consider that border between Asia and Europe corresponds to mountains Ural, in the river Ural up to the Caspian Sea and in the straits of Bosphorus by including a small part of Turkey and sometimes the Caucasus. This demarcation by natural barriers is arbitrary however partially. Islands or archipelagoes of the Atlantic Ocean are connected in Europe: Iceland, the Azores, the Canarian Islands or still Svalbard in the Arctic.
Very early, geographic sense(direction) and origin of the term Europe intrigued the historians. Greek mythology says to us that Europe was one of Océanides, or the girl of a legendary king of Phoenicia, loved by Zeus who removed it. Legend wants that his(her) brothers left in its search and based several cities. Hérodote, in the Histories, wrote in that case that Europe, been born in Asia, never went(surrendered) probably on the continent, that the Greeks du Ve century avenue. J.-C. already called Europe.