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- Fiji, or Fiji, islands, officially republic of Fiji, island country of Oceania (Melanesia), situated in the Pacific the South, in the North of the New Zealand and crossed with the meridian 180 ° (antipode of that of Greenwich). The archipelago of the Fiji Islands is formed by 844 islands, islands and atolls, of which hundred only are lived. Two main islands are Viti Levu (10 493 km2) and Vanua Levu (5 515 km2). They represent, to them only, 87 p. 100 of the total surface of the country (18 333 km2). The other islands are Taveuni (435 km2), Kandavu (409 km2), Ovalau (104 km2), Ngau (140 km2), Koro (104 km2) and Rotuma, situated in the northwest. The archipelago also contains several groups of islands: the group of Yasawa establishes(constitutes), on the West, a rosary of sixteen islands!; the group of Lau, in the East, surrounds the sea of Koro. The population, estimated(esteemed) in 1989 at 727 104 inhabitants, understands(includes) 49 p. 100 of Fidjiens (of origin melanesian) and 46 p. 100 of the Indians. She(it) is 53 p. 100 Christian and in 38 p. 100 Indian. Official language is English. The fidjien ( malayo-Polynesian language and Hindi is usually practised.